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Shahjahan Jewel

Maya Boureghda Chebeane

Maya is a lawyer at the Tunisian and Paris bar. She holds a Ph.D. in Law from the Sorbonne University (Paris I) on “the failure of international financial conglomerates” (published in 2002). Maya’s practice is focusing on banking, financial and corporate law. She has an extensive experience in structured finance, private equity, capital markets and restructuring.

Prior to founding Jurismed, she has practiced law during several years at Baker & McKenzie (Rome/Paris), Freshfields (Paris) and Jonesday (Paris), then as senior legal counsel at the investment bank of BNP Paribas.

She published several articles on cross-border insolvencies, islamic finance and international bank guarantees.

She teaches international banking law at Paris I University, Panthéon-Sorbonne, at the University of the Holy Spirit in Kaslik (Lebanon), at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce (Lille/Paris). She teaches financial markets law at the law faculty of the university of Tunis II (Tunis).

She is fluent in Arabic, French, English and Italian. Areas of practice Banking & Finance (structured finance, project finance, islamic finance, etc.), foreign investment law, capital markets, restructuring and insolvency law, commercial and company law. Email : maya.boureghda@juris-med.com Maya Boureghda Chebeane

Shahjahan Jewel

Borhane Boureghda

Borhane is a lawyer at the Paris and Tunisia’s bar. He holds a Ph.D in law from the University of Paris X Nanterre (2004) on « The obsolescence of the guiding principles of the contract in the civil code”. His work is published. Borhane has an extensive experience in all fields of commercial and civil litigation. Prior to founding JURISMED in Tunisia, Borhane started his career as a compliance officer in many banks in Paris, then turned to lawyer. His practice quickly turned to litigation. He manages all types of litigations, civil, commercial, social, insurance, civil rights, nationality, criminal, in front of French or Tunisian court.

He was also the defender of many civil servant under African Development Bank behind the administrative tribunal of the African Development Bank. In parallel to his functions as a lawyer, he likes to teach and pass on knowledge. He taught contract and tort law in the university of Paris X Nanterre and in the university of Paris Sud XI “Jean Monnet”.

He also intervene with Paris Bar about subjects such as “French nationality, detention center for foreigners, free expression in Tunisia”. He led many training about social and union law in Tunisia.

He recently taught social and union law to all the advisors of the “German-Tunisian chamber of commerce and industry”. He was also sent to morocco to present the French law about detention center for foreigners.

He is fluent in Arabic, French and English. Areas of practice: Contract law, tort law, medical law, enterprise law (corporate, business, banking and labour law), consumer, criminal. Email: borhane.boureghda@juris-med.com

Shahjahan Jewel

Karim Hammami

Karim is a lawyer at the Tunisian Bar. He graduated top of his class from the Université de Carthage, Faculté des Sciences Juridiques, Politiques et Sociales de Tunis (LL.M in Common Law with honors).

He was awarded the Fulbright scholarship and was a visiting scholar at Chicago-Kent College of Law in 2007 and 2008. Karim has extensive experience in business law and investment law.

He has been involved in most large-scale, high profile transactions undertaken in Tunisia in the last decade and has assisted several clients in relation to their investments and implementation in Tunisia.

He trained in international law firms in London and Paris and worked in the top-tier law firms in Tunisia. He is one of the founding partners of Jurismed. Karim contributed to the Investing Across Borders report published by the World Bank Group in 2010, the Arbitrating and Mediating Disputes report published by the IFC in 2013 and the Extraterritorial Regulation Survey published by IFLR in 2013. He is fluent in Arabic, French and English.

Areas of practice Commercial law, competition law, corporate law, investment law, intellectual property, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications. Email: karim.hammami@juris-med.com

Shahjahan Jewel

Leila Zine

Leila is a lawyer at the Tunisian Bar. She holds a Master Degree in Contracts and Liabilities of Professionals from the University of Toulouse and a Master Degree in Business Law from the Faculté des Sciences Juridiques, Politiques et Sociales de Tunis. Leila has extensive experience in Tunisian business law. Before joining Jurismed she trained in Tunisia and France, including a six-month internship at Field Fisher Waterhouse in Paris. Leila has experience in acquisition finance and private equity transactions. Leila contributed to the Tunisia Chapter of the International Comparative Legal Guide (ICLG), Lending and Secured Finance, 2013. She is fluent in Arabic, French and English. Areas of practice Corporate law, contract law, financial and banking law. Email: leila.zine@juris-med.com

Shahjahan Jewel

Fathi Bouzayene

He is a member of the Tunisian Bar Association. He holds a Master Degree of Research in Law from University of Paris 10 and a diploma of comparative law from University Paris 2. Fathi has been advising and assisting clients in disputes with regard to civil and commercial matters, his practice’s primary focus, since 2006. He is fluent in Arabic, French, and English. Areas of practice Civil Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Insurance Law, Tax Law, Intellectual Property Law, Real Estate Law, Labour law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, International Law. Email: fathi.bouzayene@juris-med.com




Sharing knowledge, Accepting challenge.

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